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Tables: Action Types


The CCC of 804 Nursing Interventions Actions uses four Action Types qualifiers to depict the four different facets of the Interventions. One Action Type is required for each of the 201 Core Nursing Interventions (804 possible Interventions) to document patient care

The Action Type qualifiers were derived from the nursing service statements that depicted the different core interventions. By using a qualifiers the nursing intervention are more precise and provide another facet of the care process. The qualifiers also add another dimension to the coding process making it easier to code, classify, and analyze each intervention.

Code Action Type Definition
1Assess/Monitor/Evaluate/ObserveAction evaluating the patient condition
2Care/Perform/Provide/AssistAction performing actual patient care.
3Teach/Educate/Instruct/SuperviseAction educating patient or caregiver.
4Manage/Refer/Contact/NotifyAction managing the care on-behalf of the patient or caregiver.