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Outcomes: Expected and Actual


The CCC of 528 Nursing Outcomes uses three Outcome Qualifiers to depict the three possible conditions/stages for each Diagnoses. One Expected Outcome qualifier is required for each of the 176 Nursing Diagnoses (528 possible Outcomes) to document the Goal of patient care and One Actual Outcome qualifier (528 possible Outcomes) is required to document the Result of the care.

The three qualifiers were derived from the diagnostic statements that were collected on admission and on discharge and that were considered to be another facet of the statement. As a result, the expected outcome and/or actual outcome was created by using one of the three qualifiers as the expected outcome or goal on the admission of a patient and evaluated as the actual outcome on discharge making it possible to measure and/or evaluate the care process. The interventions and action types provide the evidence for measuring the outcomes.

Code Outcome Definition
1Improve(d)Condition changed and/or recovered
2Stabilize(d)Condition did not change and required no further care to maintain condition.
3Deteriorate(d)Condition changed and worsened